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The Dust Company | Leather Duffel Bag Heritage Brown

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Beauty as a concept is especially related to aesthetics as an end in itself. In our case, on the contrary, it is everything: the emotion of an experience in a valuable item.
Valuable because our leather is top-quality and it has been designed by the best designers in the industry? Yes, but there's more.
It becomes valuable as a companion of your adventure, of your journey. A bag which lives of the story you tell when you get on a train or take it with you on a plane. Your dreams, your ambition, your entertainment are in this travel bag, designed on purpose to make them come true.
Spacious, compact and finely designed, made to resist and last over time. The vegetable-tanned leather makes it uniquely ductile.
A lifetime Bag and Masterpiece Made in Italy.


Vegetable leather


Leather Care Is your bag or your wallet not as soft as it once was? Is the color of your belt a bit off?It is not surprising. Do you know why?It seems obvious, but if you want to wear a leather jacket or carry a leather accessory with you that is always enviably shiny and soft, you have to take care of it.The undisputed quality of a product made from genuine leather, especially the vegetable-tanned leather that we use at DUST, is incredible, but you must know how to maintain it.Fear not, our tips on how to clean the leather will not take much time or money. You will not have to deal with it every week but using the most effective products will allow you to revive the leather and make it shine with its own light.You can find good tips in the equestrian world.Do you know how important it is to maintain the horse’s leather bridle, reins and saddles? And above all how handy using the right product for the job can be? Let us tell you: it is virtually essential.Cleaning and applying a coat of grease or similar preparations to leather keeps the reins elastic and soft and allows the rider, and the horse itself, to work in total comfort. Without this constant maintenance, the animal’s sweat that builds up and usage wear the leather and ruin its performance.The same leather used in horse riding is used for your bag. Now, do you understand the example?So, remember:If you do not take care of the leather all the properties that make it unique will be lost.Cleaning the leather allows you to keep it in perfect condition, especially as regards the softness over time!Use leather-specific products in order to take care of it and give it a new lease of life without running the risk of ruining it.Made in: Italy


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Shipping within EU 3-5 business days
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The Dust Company | Leather Duffel Bag Heritage Brown

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