Fetolia | The Olympian Gods – Terracotta Turquoise Scarf

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Four of the most historic symbols in ancient Greece are spread on the 4 corners of this design. Firstly, on the top left corner, Conrucopia or “The Horn of Plenty” was a symbol of abundance and nourishment - also known for containing Ambrosia and Nectar. On the top right the ancient Helmet, representing the strength and power of a man. Usually, Greeks wore plumes on helmets as a way to identify themselves and the same time to cause a distraction to enemy soldiers. On the bottom left, the ancient Chalice used from the Greeks to make their toasts to the Gods. They were organizing “symposiums” and large festivals for honoring Gods and they always had to drink and thank them for giving to mortal humans, such a richness to enjoy life. Last but not least the Lyre at the
bottom right, representing all the good values reflected from music, harmony, joy and culture. Music was a necessity and the term covered not only “music” but also dance, lyrics, the performance of poetry and Greek drama.
*Colours here may differ slightly from the actual product due to different screen rendering for colours.




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Fetolia | The Olympian Gods – Terracotta Turquoise Scarf

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